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World Leading Drugs Manufacture in Korea producing Cancer Drugs for treating patients worldwide. Using synthesis and secondary metabolite cultures from Taxus made use of our AMD for venting cultures to achieve success.
























Medical venting with PTFE vents.

There are multiple applications where clean air filtration is required in medical industries. This is often in the area of microbial infection control.

Our PTFE discs as AMD filters will not allow the passage of agents likely to cause infections. They will not allow the passage of bacteria and microorganisms The pore size and the microfibril enmeshment characteristics of the PTFE membrane act together to provide a physical barrier to passage.

The AMD's were developed specifically for aseptic venting in a laboratory or growing room with elevated temperatures. This they can achieve perfectly and have shown in the past to be able to keep products completely contamination free. We have cultures using our original AMD discs that have remained contamination free for over 10 years in long term storage experiments at TQPL.

Personally worked for over 13 years at The Department of Microbiology, University of Birmingham in a supervisory capacity, on systems involved with plant pathogens and infections, As a result, I am familiar with infection control and procedures necessary to achieve it.

PTFE venting to achieve simple aseptic clean air flow has multiple applications within the medical sphere. Usage in manufacture of medical devices for drainage and fluid filtering systems. They can be used in filter bags where contamination control is paramount.

Pathology, Hospital and Health Research laboratories may have opportunities to vent appropriate equipment and experiments by the use of simple adhesive microfiltration discs.

International Companies involved with cell culture systems for the production of secondary metabolites and drug treatments have found our AMD's of great use in a number of applications.