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Venting and other links for those interested in science, biotechnology, horticulture and plants.

Contact us if you wish to have a beneficial reciprocal link exchange. Tissue Quick Plant Laboratories and TQPL supplies for aseptic technologies. Suppliers worldwide of PTFE venting systems for plant tissue culture, biotechnology and other industries. The original company behind this site. Triplantanol is the parent company for Tgrowbags. For more information on our range of products please visit this website. Mobile site for Triplantanol, made viewable on a range of devices but it will not work on Outlook Express browser. Ebay sales page. We often have products for sale on the Ebay auction site for direct purchase. These product are mainly associated with the business Triplantanol. When the auctions are live and active the link will take you directly to our auction page. You can also check out our positive customer feedback if you are interested! Triplantanol nutrition in convenient bag form for easy feeding of all your houseplants. As easy as using a tea bag and making tea! PTFE filter discs available direct from ourselves for industry, biotechnology, medical and engineering sectors. Over 13 years product placement in the markets worldwide. Commercial confidentiality for RD projects.