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Alan Winthrop

Alan L Winthrop. BSc Botany. London (Hons)

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Our History. PTFE venting in 1986! Over 34 years venting experience.

The company was established to provide another outlet for PTFE filter vents and other filtering systems directed at industries worldwide.

The parent company of TQPL has been using venting technologies since the late 1980's for the productions of aseptic plant cultures for commercial nurseries. I have been flasking orchids for 45 years when I produced the first flasks for Wyld Court Orchids, who had an active orchid seed raising program in the UK and in Madeira,

At that time there was nothing in the market place so we had to approach PTFE manufacturers with the idea and they started to produce adhesive discs to our specifications. The idea was completely new to them. We went to the largest PTFE manufacturer in the world with our idea. They started to make venting discs for us according to our specification for aseptic orchid venting of glass and plastic containers.

In-vitro venting needs to confirm to a range of performance requirements of the PTFE and we had to work closely with the manufacturers to produce the correct product. We were ideally positioned to know what was required as our TQPL labs were starting to produced large volumes of plant cultures for various growers.

In the early 1990's customers saw our product as many of our in-vitro flasks were being sold internationally by major UK Orchid nurseries. They were also appearing at major conferences and World Orchid shows around the globe.

Demand from within the in-vitro industry for our PTFE filter discs encouraged us to start selling our filter discs in the 1990's and to also offer them by our website by mail order.


Our PTFE venting solution worked incredibly well providing good air exchanges into the flasks to provide a flow of carbon dioxide for the growing plants. This combined with the media source of carbon meant the plants established remarkable well on deflasking. The inflask humidity environment was readily achieved by the hydrophobicity of the membrane allowing air exchange without dehydration of the media.

For many years we produced all the seed flasks for one of the largest Paphiopedilum producers in the world. Paul Phillips the world recognised expert and owner of Ratcliffe Orchids, UK used to claim that the "flasks produced at TQPL were as good as any produced anywhere in the world". We believe this was in part due to the venting properties of our PTFE filter discs, combined with the care we took with all of the orchid seedlings. Every litre of genera specific media ever made at TQPL was recorded and coded and this allowed a contant improviing database of thousands of litres to be improved on over the years. Our product got better and better and so did the flasks. Our customers commented to us direct or published their glowing reports on various forums. Other international commercial Paph growers kept their 'secret' to themselves!

paphiopedilum_breeding paphiopedilum_seed_capsules  
paphiopedilum_flasks_ vented paphiopedilum_multifloral  

Paphiodeilum seed and flask production.

For those interested in the properties of PTFE venting and the production of orchid seed using plastic containers please exlplore our link on our TQPL site. Floating in a sea of glass


Since then we have diversified within the laboratory supply business.

Over the years we have been able to supply PTFE filter discs to a range of different industries where clean air is required.

We have found that the PTFE filter vents have a range of applications. Details or various industries are illustrated on this website.

Our experience is wide and varied having been involved with PTFE venting and manufacture for over 34 years.

We have introduced a number of new innovations and are particularly pleased with our new strong Adhesive Microfiltration Discs introduced in April 2012. The added strength and membrane protection provides greater safety for the PTFE membrane and tear resistance means it has a range of applications in various industries.

There are a number of new products and technologies in the pipeline that we hope to supply to our customers in the future.