ptfe filter vents for venting technologies












Customer Experience

A large German Sports Car manufacturer required a way to vent expanding air in rear light clusters on their leading sports cars. The adverse environmental conditions of moisture and extremes of temperatures were a challenge for the our vents. They worked perfectly. For many years our AMD's were used in these cars in Europe and worldwide.

Gas filtering equipment for use in the Oil and Offshore industries required good levels of metered flow. AMD's provided clean air flow in a range of meters for an Anglo American company.

Electronics keyboards for an international company with markets in games consoles found our AMD discs would provide protection and eliminate humidity.

UK Plastics and Component manufactured of Scientific Equipment found our AMD discs the best way to provide clean air and protect delicate electronic components.
































Engineering venting

Engineering has many uses for venting and producing an environment of clean air. An Adhesive Microfiltration Discs provides a very adaptable and easy way to produce perfect clean air.

Air flow can be passive flow associated with a venting hole covered with one of our AMD. The air flow is filtered of all particles and relies on simple diffusion according to pressure changes.

Effective practical dissipation of car light heat, allowing good air exchange under a wide range of environmental conditions from frigid to temperate to torrid conditions.

Elimination of condensation problems associated with humid air and temperature fluctuations.

For component associated with temperature changes from heat generating elements such as light sources, transformers, control gear good venting can be achieved. Air venting in this case can accompany heat removal and natural cooling.

LED light transformer heat management systems.

Car and engineering motor housings that require heat dissipation in a dust free working environment.

Active air flow with vented air can make use of our AMD venting systems in a number of configurations.

Good air flow rates will allow the use of metering components to be build into design where required. The hydrophobic nature of this grade of PTFE will allow units to be used in humid environments.

Although filtering can be bidirectional for gentle passive or active air flows. With high levels of pressured air flow, it is suggested that the primary air flow direction should be from the top surface through the PTFE membrane towards the inner lower PTFE surface and adhesive base layer. This conforms to the natural order when the discs are fixed to a surface by their adhesive.

Our AMD systems have high levels of hydrophobicity. They hydrophobicity is higher than in many other grades of PTFE allowing air to better remove moisture particles and contribute to a dryer vented environment.

Protection of delicate electronic components can provide a 'clean air' working environment where dust and particles are eliminated.

PFTE membranes ensure high levels of filtering and the grades used in our AMD will ensure the microfibril enmeshment of the internal environment eliminating particle passage. Our filters stop dust, pollen, fungi, yeasts, bacteria, and particulates.

The high strength polymer backing to our AMD discs provides a high level of protection to the PTFE filtering membrane against puncture. Thereby ensuring continuing filter capabilities over time and greater equipment life.

With filtering performance derived from aseptic venting, these technologies can provide engineers with a simple 'clean air' environment to protect equipment, components and manufactured goods. For fully aseptic environments it will be necessary to sterilize or autoclave the equipment and discs.

The adhesive used is high quality and can withstand a good range of temperatures and humidities.

Applications of our discs is often as simple as peeling off and applying the AMD to a suitable clean surface. They will stick naturally to a range of plastics, metals, polymers

Products are highly adaptable to factory assembly or clean room technologies.

Achieve a 'clean room' environment at a fraction of the cost by filtering the air where it is needed.